I am sure many people who watched Star Wars or Star Trek are fascinated by the technologies shown in the famous science fiction series. It is a well-known fact that whatwe see in ascience fiction movie or novel today can become reality in the near future. One of the technologies shown in "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" - the tractor beam that is used for moving and directing spacecraft without the need fora mechanical connection- is already becoming reality.

A team of researchers from Bristol University and Sussex University have now managed to build their own tractor beam. They demonstrated that high-amplitude sound waves can generate an "acoustic hologram" that may function exactly likethe devices ineveryone's favorite Space operas. Their experimental rig can make a small object levitate, move and rotate without any physical contact. This is made possible by usingpowerful acoustic waves.

This is exactly the device used by Darth Vader from Star Wars and Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

Beam could revolutionize surgery

The tractor beam inventors say that the device could be used in medicine and in many other fields.

Asier Marzo, who led the study, who is a researcher at Bristol University in the UK and the Public University of Navarre, Spain, said that polystyrene objects with a diameter of up to 4 m can be moved with the tractor beams, and the device can also control the position and orientation of the objects that levitate.

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The new device uses ultrasonic frequency of 40 kilohertz with which is undetectable to the human ear because human ears can only detect sounds with frequencies below 20 kilohertz.

This technology can have many applications in the future. For example, it could be used in medicine to manipulate objects within the human body. This could avoid further invasive medical procedures.

The researcher also added that the invention could allow the manipulation of kidney stones, clots, drug capsules, micro surgical devicesand cells in the body, eliminating the need for incisions.

He said that sound can't travel through space, but it can travel through human tissue.

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