People with Facebook accounts have probably seen those playful apps that generate something about them based on their Facebook history. That Be like Bill generator you see people using could be a lot of fun and provide some chuckles, but Facebook users could end up with a lot of trouble on their hands.  It's an example of a "clickbait" to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page. Experts are behind the app waiting to steal information that could do damage to your computer. As bad as that seems, it could also put your bank account and other personal information in the hands of crooks.

Clickbaits Apps

The designers of those clickbaits apps are smart.

Not only do they capture your personal information, but they also ask you to share the app with others, and exponentially the number grows.  Unfortunately, people participate in the seemingly fun apps and think nothing of it until there is a virus on their computer, or their computer gets hacked.

"Be like Bill" App

The most recent creator on Facebook is Be like Bill.  It started late last year and has grown very popular so far this year. That particular app asks for your name.  It states what Bill does and what Bill likes. Then the user is told to be like Bill, who is a stick figure. Most of the time, Bill wears a knitted cap on his head. Be like Bill has its own Facebook page with over 1.5 million "likes" and the number is growing.

The Better Business Bureau

There are apps for IQ tests, quizzes for what your name means, who your favorite Facebook friend is, what biblical character you are, and many other topics.

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It's better to remove those apps from your Facebook settings. Simply go to your settings and select the Apps category from the left menu. From there, hover over the appropriate app and click "X" to remove it.

The Better Business Bureau has gotten involved and is warning Facebook users not to click on those fun-type apps because they could pose serious privacy problems. Users could be allowing a third party unlimited access to their information without their knowledge. The BBB warns people never to click on any of those fun apps without first reading the privacy policy.