A crippling snowstorm has left more than three feet of snow in some parts of the Northeast, leaving millions stuck in their homes. For many, the time inside can grow tiresome, as boredom rears its equally frosty head. Even if you’re a gamer, with a bevy of games and consoles at your disposal, the decision when it comes to what to play and how to pass the time is a tough one.

In this exclusive Blasting News list, we give you five great games to pass the time during any fierce winter storm.

Guitar Hero Live: This game works during a snow-in for a variety of reasons- there's a ton of different songs and three people can play at once.

Add in a few different gameplay modes and a lengthy story mode and GHL can definitely steal a few hours during a long snowy day.

Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS): This one works best for the loner stuck in their home. Simply put, for 20 years, the tried and true gameplay has satisfied gamers and kept them inside on the most beautiful of days, so on a snowy one, it’s a great way to pass the time, too. With a story that'll take 25-40 hours to finish, hundreds of pocket monsters to catch and online multiplayer, it'll take you to a world that isn't covered in snow.

Fallout 4: This is another game for the loner. With an immersive story and dozens of hours of gameplay, it's perfect for the couch potato who is content on not going anywhere anytime soon.

Creating an environment that you’ll care about, Fallout 4 is tough to put down.

Dragon Age: Inquisition: This game is massive, has a slew of DLC and even a multiplayer mode with an awesome atmosphere and epic story, the hours will melt away while playing. Even stuck in the house for a few days during a blizzard, you’ll just begin to scratch the surface of what the game has to offer.

Super Mario Maker:For decades, Mario has proven to be an icon in gaming and his newest game doesn't disappoint. There is too much to do in this game. The ability to create your own levels, amiibo compatibility, share them with friends and download others make it an investment of time. With no place to go, it's the perfect game to kill more than a few hours.

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