Every user in the Windows OS secretly hopes some big company will rise and try to take over this market with awesome apps and games. And yet this hasn’t happened since Windows 8. Even so, we try to make the best out of Windows 10 (and older versions). In order to really do so, here is a list of the best apps you can find in the Store. You should give them a try, even the ones already installed. Otherwise, download and install them!

Note that Microsoft games are not included here.

1. Mail

Simple names, simple apps.

Even so, using Mail is almost like writing in Word. And also a very stable app. In this aspect, it’s one of the best so far. New touch technology is also supported, so you can take the possibilities to the limit with this one.

And besides all that, you can manage your calendar.

2. Dropbox

Windows’ Dropbox app is a really good addition to your collection. OneDrive is not bad, but Dropbox is really more intuitive, and looks better too.

Also, this app is available for every Windows device, so you can integrate it with your other gadgets, such as Android and iOs devices.

3. Netflix

The beauty of this app is that it remembers the point you last watched, so that you can come back exactly from the point you left. This is particularly good for those watching something in times of low demand during the day. Also, it's Netflix, and you know exactly how awesome this is.

4. OneNote

Actually, Evernote takes a very hard beating against OneNote in the Windows platform. Evernote simply doesn't enable its best features in the Windows form and doesn't look sharp at all, but OneNote is actually a very beautiful, stable and light app.

Recommended until Evernote brings their best game to this OS.

5. Skype

Not having FaceTime available, downloadSkype app. Even if you can choose between the app version and the desktop one, try the app for a while. It’s worth it!

Final thoughts about the best Windows apps

Make sure to take a look on the best apps for Android and iOs.

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