Apple products are unmatched nowadays. There no-one on the scene to compete with such well put-together products. So, if you are a proud owner of an iOs device, upgrade your life with five of thebest appsin the App Store.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

One dollar per year. That’s how much you’ll spend in communication after downloading this app. The first year is free of charge, so you will have a really good notion of how good it is.

It’s not only an app for teenagers as it has transcended into older generations, and even grannies are now keeping in touch through it.

2. Yelp

You don’t need to access this app only to check the customer’s reviews.

Companies also tend to keep good information about them in this app. So, not only can you talk about your experience and browse around other people’s, you can also check out phone numbers, e-mails and social media profiles to get in touch with the companies you are looking for.

3. 7-Minute Workout Challenge

Simple exercises very well explained and really “doable”. You can create a routine and get in shape through this, which is something I never achieved through any other app – iOs or Android!

It’s paid ($2,99), but worth every single penny.

4. Pandora

This one is still the best musical app ever. So simple, versatile, free and stable you’ll get addicted to it. And it’s completely legal, which is awesome!

5. Uber

Unless you are a taxi driver, you’ll love Uber. The quality of their service is so damn high! And you’ll easily make the definite transition from taxis to Uber, saving money and also travellingin better cars. If you have access, you should definitely be using this!

Final thoughts about the best iOs apps out there

These are the absolutely necessary ones. Of course you can add other apps to your iPhone or iPad, but you should really considering this list. Try it out for a week and tell me the results. If you are interested in a similar list for Android clickhere.

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