Once upon a time, building a website seemed like an impossible feat. Enter WordPress. Enter Weebly. Enter WIX. These days, anyone can build a website to serve any purpose. Believe you me, mobile apps will soon follow suit.

I admit, building apps is a lot trickier and more expensive than building websites. But, again, building websites was once just as complicated and required just as much investment as building apps does now. So have faith, ye weary tech world wanderers. Hold out for a little while longer, and while you're waiting, take some time to understand why building apps costs so much.

New Apps Equal Empty Pockets

Companies spend alarmingportions of their budgets on developing mobile applications. Those price tags raise even more hairs on the backs of startup owners' necks. To pay someone to build an app, companies need to consider the costs of not only development, but any relevant integration, recurring maintenance fees, and future enhancements. The chosen few who have the skills to meet those needs can pretty much charge whatever they want. Well, that's pushing it, but their services are definitely adequately compensated.

See, the thing is, developing apps is a relatively new thing to do, and the skill sets needed to do it are fairly rare. What's more is that those who do possess the necessary skills often haven't had a chance to truly hone them.

They themselves have to go through certain off-the-shelf-type channels that help do some of the work for them. But those channels cost money, so the fees the developers pay are tacked ontothe fees businesses pay the developers. It's a vicious cycle.

The simplest of apps requires the most technical of skills.

From design to functionality to usability, apps are made to be used, to be interacted with, to provide services. Websitesundoubtedly serve similar purposes, but so many libraries and resources and DIY tools exist to make the whole web development process as smooth as butter for even the least technically inclined pseudo-developer.

And that's the future for apps: layman accessibility to powerful development tools.

Do You Believe in Evolution?

Before technology was as space-age as it is today, software developers did so much more than create -- they maintained their creations as well. They kept content up-to-date, but not necessarily as snappily as their clients would have liked. Each time the tiniest change needed to be made, the developer had to be contacted, the change had to be added to the developer'scalendar, and eventually, the change would be made. The system just wasn't efficient. So someone decided things needed to change.

Slowly but surely, the ability for any old Average Joe to create a website grew. Pre-written code waspackaged, distributed, and made customizable.

Now, no true knowledge of web development or coding languages isneeded to generate quality output.Mobile apps moving toward this advanced, easy, accessible-to-all future is not far-fetched. Google it. People are building tools. Where there's a need, there's a will.

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