Ingenuity is the trademark asset of entrepreneurs. And if one is to stay in the digital market for over a few weeks, their product must be interesting and truly awesome: provocative of awe!

These are the best Android apps published this year and destined to trend despite recent resons to avoid Android. And, yes, there is a Yahoo product on the list!

1 – Chrome Beta

Simply the best browser available to an Android device. It’s generally preinstalled, but if you don’t have it yet, please do yourself a favor and download it.

It is fast, filled with useful possibilities (such as sync) and frequently updated. Yes, Beta version, but fully functional!

2 – Pocket

Through this app, you can bookmark an article and completely download it to future offline access. It’s like the Evernote’s Web Clipper, but works with no troubles at all, and is really fast, light and easy. Also, this is a very stable app, and the possibility of accessing everything completely offline is a really cool and handy feature if you are trying to use only Wi-Fi.

One of the best apps out there.

3 - Yahoo Livetext

Yes, Yahoo Livetext. Don’t frown only because it’s Yahoo. The app is a really good one! You can interact with your contacts through text and video. And, as a neat twist, you can also make video calls with no sound. So, don’t be surprised when you see kids in class even more interested in their phones!

4 – HBO Now

A long awaited one, this app lets you download LEGALLY every single episode of any HBO series, and stream it directly, with no delay.

It’s as instant as the TV channel. And, as a treat, you can get 30 days of free trial ($14.99 after the trial).

This can be where you’ll watch Game of Thrones in the new season premiere.

5 – SayWhat

This one is for every outdated mom and dad out there (and people trying to stay trendy). A complete compilation of terms generally used in the web, from yolo to take damage. Might seem stupid and uninteresting, but every now and then you do find something, a term or sentence, that you can’t imagine what the bleep does it mean.

Final thoughts about the best Android apps of 2015

If you think another app should be on the list, leave the name and link in the comments section!

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