Excessive use of information technologies affect the ability of the students to acquire knowledge, reveals a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Moreover, they said that, it does not matter the amount of information, but its quality, and also the teacher's role remains crucial in student's education. According to the latest data, presented in the OECD in 2012, 96% of pupils aged 15 from developed countries had computers at home, and 72% of them used it in schools.

"In general, students who moderately use computers (once - twice times a week) in schools tend to have better results than those who rarely use this way for searching information.

But students who frequently (four-five times a week) use computers tend to perform poorly in school", said OECD experts. "Educational systems must find more effective ways of integrating technology in the educational process in order to make a better performance among students", said Andreas Schleicher, the director responsible for Education at OECD.

A new approach is necessary to exploit the potential of technology in schools after it was concluded that students from countries (Australia or some Scandinavian states) that have invested heavily in the last ten years in IT technology have same results in tests for reading, mathematics and science like before investing in technology.

It is not just about internet access, but the abilities to navigate intelligently and efficiently are essential The study shows that most children do not have the ability to organize reading, to extract the important information of a text, or to identify keywords. "They click anywhere, they are not selective in online navigation and that affect their way of studying. In time, if they don't become more organized and focused while searching something, this thing will affect them even at their workplace.", explains Francesco Avvisati, OECD economist, co-author of the study.

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"What is important is that students should be helped to use the Internet in a properly way for getting the information they need. For this, teachers should have a good relation with own students, but more important than that, they must have a high IT skill in this process," the study shows.

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