There are disparities between the brain of male and female. The brain starts developing at span of 26 week of a fetus inside the womb of mother parent. It can be seen using a ultrasound scanner. This inequality starts from that time only. The sex hormones begin to exert their influence on the brain of fetus. Here’s the list of the how male and female difference have brains.

Composition of male and female brain

Two type of matter are there present in brain- grey matter and white matter. Male utilizes seven times more grey matter while female utilize ten times more white matter. Now you should also know that what the significance of these matters is.

Grey matter enables men to deeply engage in a job, means their concentration power is high. On the other hand white matter acts a networking grid, like a bridge between grey matter and other processing centres.

Male & Female size of brain

The size of the male brain is 10% larger than the female brain, but it doesn’t mean that male is more intelligent than the female. It is only due to the fact that muscles of the male is more stronger and bulkier than female , that’s why to balance the ratio of the organ size the brain is larger.

Usage of hemisphere

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, Right and left. Male use only one hemisphere of brain i.e is the left hemisphere, while communicating with someone.

While female use both the hemispheres. There is a bridge of nerve tissue that connects these hemispheres, is thick in case of female, that’s why they have better soft skills.

Strong areas of male and female

Everybody is born with his/her own talent. Research proves Boys are good at mathematics, geometry, calculation etc.

And on the other hand the Understanding power of different languages is better in girls. They dominate in this field. Their presentation skills are too good. But you, boys don’t worry “practice makes a man perfect”.

Relationship and emotions

Emotion plays a very important part in human life. Everybody have its on emotion toward something.

Women have accurate identification of emotions and they master in controlling them, than men do. Since the section of the brain used to control aggression, responses and anger are larger in female. She has the trait to act like a coconut- “harder outside, softer inside”.

Stress management

Women are god gifted with the skill of stress management. They not only have the power to manage and get rid of their stress but also put efforts to make others happy.

Brain functioning disorders

Our brain not only monitors all other body parts activity but also it controls them. The difference in the brain of men and women can better explain some disorder found in male but not in female or vice versa. Although women are expert in controlling emotion yet the mood swing is commonly found in women than in men.

On the other hand dyslexic is more found in men, their reading and writing skills lack.

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