If you use the Google Chrome operating system, then stand by for some changes, as this week Google reported that they plan an Android and Chrome OS merger. Google made the announcement partly in response to a Wall Street Journal report that Chrome would be swallowed up by Android. Google clarified that the Chrome OS merger would meld it with Google’s Android mobile OS and finalize the new operating system in 2017, with a sneak peek of the new operating system in 2016.

The new Android and Chrome OS merger plan reveals that Google's undertaking into Android was much more popular than the company’s Chromebooks.

Statistics show only about three percent of PC owners have a Chromebook.

Android, Chrome OS merger to give better security, better apps

The reports from Google point to the new operating system producing a single OS that would combine Chrome's better security with Android's heftier app environment. It would mean all Internet capable devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets and even wearables would all be able to work together, which they hope would bring in developers who would come up with a single app that works on more than one platform.

If this is successful, it might additionally mean enterprise users would have an easier time switching from different types of devices such as going from desktop to mobile more smoothly.

Android, Chrome each have its own strengths, weaknesses

The two systems have operated alongside each other for several years and have worked fairly well together in most cases. However, each of these systems has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, Android is better optimized for smartphones and tablets, while the Chrome OS has the ability to use touch to run programs, but currently only works on laptops and desktops. A merger of the two would give users both worlds with the best features of both.

Some reports say that Chrome OS could still be available for PCs, but that beginning next year manufacturers could have the option of making Android OS PCs.

Android PCs in the form of laptops and desktops have existed in the past, but weren’t really optimized for users to use them with a keyboard and mouse, and its ability to multitasking left a lot to be desired, said users.

All that appears to be certain is that Chrome OS won’t entirely disappear, says Google, especially because its sheer simplicity has helped it gain a foothold in schools and businesses. The main News out of the announcement is that an Android and Chrome OS merger is in the works and Google will announce more about it by sometime next year, but Chrome isn’t going away.

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