Honda has unveiled its latest product Honda Civic 2016this week, in an attempt to revive the fledgling sedan sales in American markets. Car enthusiasts are opting for newest crossover SUVs instead of these traditional Honda Civics. As a result, its sales have declined to 4% in 2015. Honda deems sedan coupe as its legacy and aspires to re-launch it with fresh vigor. As per Honda spokesman, it’s their ambitious reboot of Honda Civic as of yet, leaving room for uncertainty.

Honda intends to launch Honda Civic as a luxury sedan in American markets, going against the popular trend of budget sedan which rose sedan to cult status in its heyday.

It’s a clever business ploy since the conventional Civic traits are age-old. Its reliability was a huge factor in its popularity once, but since then new players such as General Motors capitalized on the automotive industry. Soon enough Elantra (Hyundai) and Focus (Ford) outclassed and shutdown Honda Civic permanently from the car market.

Honda intendsto capture itsprevious market share.

Redesigned exterior

Shying against the previous design, the new Honda Civic is restyled dramatically with a sportish look. It looks more of a mainstream car as opposed to its predecessors. The drive and noise reduction has improved dramatically. It works in winning buyers after test-drive.

Honda Civic 2016 is released with two engine selections:

  • 2-liter 4 cylinder engine: First of its kind introduced in Honda Civic model
  • 5-liter 4 cylinder engine: Its turbocharged engine is first of its kind in Civic

Honda intends to release its Civic lineup with EPA’s approval of 40 miles/ gallon for optimum performance.

Interior inside: High-tech gizmos galore

Honda has stepped the bar for excellence in its sedan model with expensive material usage for a premium feel. Driver can sit a bit lower as is the case in sports cars while there’s ample room for legs to spread in the rear. Following suite after General Motorsand Ford, Honda has installed high-tech features in Civic such as climate control along with luxury options.

Apart from that, 7-inch HD touchscreen has been incorporated (so much for originality) for syncing Android Auto and Car Play features. Moreover, adaptive cruise control has also been included as an added option for car drivers. These functions are a first for Honda Civic.

What future holds for Civic 2016?

Honda is looking to broaden its horizons withHonda Civic 2016, drawing traditional buyers to showrooms. It is expected to boost up sales, provided that it delivers on its promise of bringing class-cost together. At present rate, Honda Civic 2016 needs to rise up to the competition since competitors are offering plethora of high-tech options in their sedans at Civic’s price range, getting preference automatically. In a market, where car prices are reaching a slump, feels like a no-brainer to release to new remodeled car. Civic is Honda’s bedrock of success and the automotive giant feels confident in releasing at a critical juncture.

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