With a little over a month to go until the release of the annual NBA video game issue, the creators of NBA2k franchise have decided to tease their customers with some insider information. Several innovations have been revealed, making anxious fans of the game even more itchy. If you are counting days until the official NBA2k16 release date (September 29th), fear no more as the wait will be worthwhile, according to official 2k blog.

The newest game featureis to completely relocate, rebrand and redesign your franchise playing as a GM.

You will be able to pick from large number of cities intelligently as each is provided with metro population, income, expected attendance, operating costs and other information your owner might like or not, with even more options when constructing a new arena, designing the team’s new logo and uniforms, and more. There’s also a relocation committee and application deadline, high expenses, geographical realignment of divisions and conferences and other details that are making this process even more realistic.

So if you are hoping for a Seattle Supersonics rebirth, you have a chance, but keep in mind it’s all business.

Also, NBA2k16 brings all-new offseason and the elements within. Draft lottery has been redesigned, staff hiring overhauled and the NBA draftis presented in a brand new way. Another new feature is the NBA Summer League (two of them) that completely mirrors the real-life event.Per Erick Boenich, Visual Concepts senior producer, game creators have taken a “different approach to (their) annual logic improvements.”

“A franchise mode is only as good as its core,” he claims on his blog.

The teams are given the ability to think in advance, while you are also given an opportunity to inform yourself of what other teams are thinking and planning through a new ‘Team Intel’ screen. Trade logic and team building logic have been improved. These features promise that NBA2k16 will have a breakthrough approach comparing to other simulation video games. And there are tens of other things that are changed, added or improved.

If the clock is ticking too slowly for you now that you have read this, you can consider yourself as a true NBA2k fan.

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