Project Morpheus, Sony's virtual reality headset,has beenupgraded on a new release. The bugs from the last one are fixed, answering gamer's wildest aspirations:

  • It's immersive with crisp and razor-sharp HD
  • Works well PlayStation hardware

Truth is stranger than fiction: 'Summer Lesson’

Sony Entertainment hosted a press event about Project Morpheus in Tokyo. Amongst the various games showcased, Summer Lesson by Bandai Namco Entertainment was received very well by the crowd. The game entail teaching Japanese to a blonde, non-Japanese woman, in a traditional Japanese backdrop. The game is developed bythe makers of Tekken, the famous one-to-one fighting super-hit.

The company boasts its in-depth graphics detail and claims its competitors are lagging behind in terms of virtual reality games. Summer Lesson is getting limelight in the gaming sector these days, as the five minute experience is deemed ‘legendary’ and ‘exceeding expectations’. Gamers claimed that it felt more realistic than any dated virtual reality platform.

A key factor in creating that illusion is related to the concept of personal space, the distance at which people feel comfortable interacting. Experts say the amount of personal space varies depending on the nature of the relationship. For people on intimate terms, for instance, it is within touching distance, or about 45cm.

The experience is ethereal as the player teaches the blonde woman Japanese sitting next to her.

She affectionately calls the teacher ‘sensei’. She will move away if the player makes any advances towards her though. This proximity is too charming the players, imagining a romantic entanglement. It wouldn’t be far-fetched for the players falling for their charming ‘apt pupil’.

The technology used at backhand is organic electroluminescence/ EL, a new technology for more real-life experience in virtual reality environment.

It provides far more depth than conventional LED displays.

Technical specs

Sony Entertainment unveiled their latest installment of Project Morpheus earlier this March in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference. The earlier model (released last year) was equipped with 5-inch screen (LCD) with a 90 degree line-of-sight.

The latest model has expanded to 5.7-inch with 100-degree field view. The latest model boasts of 120 fps (frames/ second), expanding from previous 60 fps. Increased frame/ second ratio results in fluid motion. The net experience is more realistic and eliminates the virtual reality sickness.

Limitless possibilities

Sony sold 1,5 millionPlayStation 4 in Japan up until June and virtual reality mighthelp the company keeping the pace.However, the console's biggest markets are Europe and North America, punctuated by Japan. It will rope in added revenues for experiencing the next level in technology.

It’s the dawn of a new era and smaller startups will join the bandwagon soon enough, Sony believes. As the case with Japan, the bigger fishes (gaming corporations) are still the market leaders and some competition won’t trouble them.

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