The ambition of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, to bring the internet to remote areas takes shape. The technology company of Menlo Park has assembled the first unmanned drone constellation. At first glance, design recalls the ghost bomber B-2 but is much more slender with a distance between the tips of the wings of a B737.

The company is going to publicize the first image of the plane soon. The plane will begin test flight at this year's end also will reveal some of its features to the public. It will operate at 90,000 feet, which are approximately 27,400 meters, three times more than a commercial airliner and a similar spy plane U-2.

The antenna wheel made of carbon fiber will offer Internet for 90 days at a rate of 10 gigabytes/second. The wheel in carbon fiber antenna transmit data ten times faster than the latest technology in the industry.

The drone, powered by solar energy, has been designed by a team of engineers from Facebook in the UK. Jay Parikh, who is responsible for the deployment of the infrastructure that powers the social network, said: "This technology ensures that all economic parameters change when expanding network connections." At present, 10% of the world population do not have that possibility.

Facebook is working with operators to bring the Internet to 4 billion people. But the deployment of fiber optic networks, microwave repeaters or antennas for wireless is not feasible in these remote regions.The idea is also thought by SpaceX, Boeing and Google.

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Parikh said in a statement that they are exploring various options to address the challenge, as the deployment of a network of satellites.

The social network Facebook has almost 1,5 billion users, but each time it will be more difficult to raise that base of followers. For this, Facebook needs to break the technical barriers preventing much of the world's population to enjoy high speed internet. The drone has a laser system that is capable of distributing data ten times faster than the latest technology in the industry.