Panasonic is upgrading two 4K cameras in its Lumix line. The DMC-GX8 and the DMC-FX300substantially upgrade Panasonic's offerings in the still photo market.

The DMC-GX8 is the successor to Panasonic's GX7. One of the GX8's most notable upgrades is Panasonic's Duel IS image stabilization. It includes both body and lens image stabilizers that, Panasonic says, enhance image clarity and improve telephoto and wide-angle shots.

It boasts a 4K video recorder that can record video at 3840 x 2160 resolution at either 30 or 24 frames per second. The camera captures and stores the video footage in MP4 format.

The GX8 also includes a 4K photo mode that enables users to extract photos from 4K video. Photographers can capture a still from video shot at 30 frames per second in an 8-megapixel resolution -- especially handy for action shots that would be impossible to capture in still mode. There are three 4K photo modes -- Burst Shooting, Burst (Start/Stop) and Pre-burst.

Where the GX7 had a 16.0-megapixel sensor, the GX8 boasts 20.3 megapixels and a 1/3 stop wider dynamic range than the GX7.

Panasonic says the GX8's new autofocus system is superfast -- faster than any mirrorless camera. It can handle up to six frames per second in continuous focus mode, or up to eight frames per second in single focus mode.

One more new feature: The GX8 can process RAW images in camera. It will come in black or silver.

The DMC-FZ300 also offers 4K ultra high-definition recording and the same 4K photo mode as the GX8.

But what stands out about the FZ300 is its long zoom range. The camera boasts a 24x lens that amounts to about 25-600mm.

It has a max aperture of about f/2.8 over its full zoom range.

The DMC-FZ300 trades off the long zoom and lower price for lower resolution. The FZ300 has a 12.1-megapixel sensor that can record up to ISO 6400. The sensor also includes a new version of the Venus Engine image processor.

The GX8 will come out in August with a price point of about $1,200.

Panasonic will launch the FZ300 in October with a $600 price tag.

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