Microsoft is well-known formerchandise including operating systems and tablet and computer software butthe tech giant also makes tech accessories. The company recently presented thenew foldable keyboard that will be compatible with iOS and Android devices andwill cost only $100.

The new Microsoftkeyboard is called the UniversalFoldable Keyboard and the company revealed the first details about it atthis year’s Mobile World Congress 2015 event in Barcelona. It can literally befolded in half, which means that this ‘mini-keyboard’ is extremely portable.The keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect with iOS and Android devices,as well as with Windows and OS X computers, and Windows Phone 8.1 and will mostlikely work with Windows 10 devices.

The keyboard is similar to Microsoft’sUniversal Mobile Keyboard which is not foldable but functions on all mentioneddevices.

Main hardware featuresof Universal Foldable Keyboard are:

· Bluetooth 4.0

· Spill-resistant design

· 5mm thin keyboard

· Magnetic closure

· Micro USB charging

Battery life is prettygood for the device of such a limited size. Once fully charged it could last upto three months. The keyboard can bepaired with two different devices and you can easily switch between devices byusing the proper buttons.

As expected, theUniversal Foldable Keyboard works very well with Windows Phone devices. You just need to have Windows Phone 8.1Update 2 Build 15127 or later. But there are actually some limitations on thiskind of devices.

For example, many of the function keys, including volumecontrols, pause, play and search do absolutely nothing on Windows Phone.Although all these keys work perfectly on Windows 8.1 for PCs, the only usefulpart of the keyboard for Windows Phone is just the QWERTY part.

The availability of thiskeyboard on all major platforms proves the fact that Microsoft is putting a lotof hopes in this little accessory, and the company is expecting to get a lot ofcustomers.

The Universal Folding keyboard will be available for purchase onMicrosoft’s online store, retail stores, as well as through online retailerssuch as Amazon for just under $100. 

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