Here's how to disable it.


Google Photos is the latest implementation of the Mountain View giant to store your multimedia files (photos and videos) on your cloud, and have those files available to you on any device - iOS, Android or Web.

However, Google's engineers made a slip in creating Google Photos. As I discovered by David Arnott, from the Nashville Business Journal, the app continues to store images from a smartphone on Google servers, even when the application no longer exists on the device.

Arnott found that problem when he installed the application to test it and then removed it from his device. Surprisingly, the images taken after removing the app were still synchronizing.

What is this about? A failure of Google, the company has confirmed.

"Some users have uninstalled the Photos application without realizing the backup is a service of Android and is still active," said a spokeswoman for Google. "This is something we are committed to solving."

The spokeswoman said in a statement that they are also working on a way to alert users that by eliminating the Photos application, no synchronization and file backup is disabled.

While Google is working on a solution, there is an easy and simple way to turn off synchronization and information even when you deleted Google Photos.

To accomplish it, simply enter the settings for your Android device, and within the Google services tab, where you will find a section related to the synchronization. There you can turn off automatic synchronization of photos and videos, and change the size and resolution of the files that are saved.

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Once you turned off automatic synchronization, you take a couple of photos from your phone and wait a few minutes. Then login to your Google Plus's profile and check that these images and not synced. If the images are synchronized, check that you've disabled the settings correctly, otherwise, repeat the process to get rid of the annoying hidden Google synchronization

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