Charge the batteries of your phones and laptops with WiFi

An American engineer Shyam Gollakota invented a device named "Ambient Backscatter"

 Charge your phones and laptops with WiFi
Charge your phones and laptops with WiFi

During the last decade, the electronic markets were flooded with smart gadgets. The only fault in these gadgets is the issue of battery life. In today's busy life where time is money, these gadgets have become the basic need in daily life and it's very hard to wonder about living in today's age without these gadgets.

Tackling the problem of battery life, Mr. Shyam Gollakota invented a very useful device that could easily convert radio signals around us to electrical energy that could be used to run these electrical gadgets without rechargeable batteries.

The unique feature of this technology is that Wifi signals can be converted to electrical energy.

Prototype routers having this technology have also been produced that are named "Po-Wifi". During experiments, a digital camera was successfully charged on a distance of 17 feet. During this time, neither the quality of the camera was effected nor the service used by Wifi.

The technology is to be launched in August in Washington. Shyam Gollakota presented its model at M-Tech digital conference before the official launch. His team installed these PO-Routers in 6 houses and asked the resident to use the Wifi 24/7, then they practically demonstrated the conversion of Wifi signals to Electrical energy using two RF devices of a battery similar to the technology.

The RF driven computer is a device that can use RF signals as electrical energy. Radio signals were sent by the router and by the use of a device called rectifier in the computer, these signals were converted to direct current.

It is similar to the conversion of solar energy to the electrical energy. D.C converter increases the voltage being input by radio signals to such extent that is enough to run a handy electrical device.

Shyam Gollakota said "There is always WiFi and other radio signals around us that can be converted to electrical energy to be used in phones, laptops and other electrical gadgets and these can be used easily without battery problems".

Mr. Shyam Gollakota is hopeful that in near future PoWifi will be used in Phones and these devices will be able to work without rechargeable batteries.

These efforts should be appreciated. If these devices become successful, it would be extremely useful for people who are dissatisfied with their gadget's battery lifetime.

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