Google's Beshad Behzadi, director of conversational search, took to the stage at the SMX Paris search conference to show off some of the search giant's newest advancements in the field through their revamped app, Google Now on Tap. A lot of great features such as context-aware search (more on that later), but perhaps one of the least talked about features was a new location-aware search feature that is baked right into the Google Search app.

What's so significant about this? Aside from location-aware search being convenient, the Google Now on Tap revamp won't be happening until Google releases the next Android iteration, Android M.

Since Android is known for having fragmentation, it's possible that many Android users wouldn't have been able to make use of its more useful features until upgrading to a phone supporting Android M right out of the box.

Behzadi demonstrated this feature by showing two promotional videos that asked the revamped search app multiple vague questions but answering them all correctly.

"What's the name of this church?" asked a John Doe in a promotional video shown at the conference. "According to Wikipedia, the Saints Peter and Paul church is a Roman Catholic church in San Francisco's north beach neighbourhood," replied the Google Search App.

The promotional videos continued to explore the incredibly broad use applications by asking more questions like, "When does this restaurant open?"; "How tall is this?"; "When was this built?"; "What's the phone number for this pharmacy?".

When the search app does manage to get stumped it will query you for additional information by presenting you a list of options that could potentially be correct answers.

For instance, if you happen to be standing next to two restaurants it may ask you which restaurant you're referring to.

While this is an exciting feature to have moving forward, Google Now on Tap will also introduce contextual searches that don't require keywords. If you were having a conversation with a friend about a certain actor you would be able to hold your home button to produce Google Now cards displaying additional information about the actor.

Even further, you might just come right out and ask "What movies has he played in?" and have Google Now respond with a list of recent movies the actor has starred in.

Android M was announced on May 28, 2015 at Google I/O 2015 and is expected to launch sometime later this year. While there is a preview available for Nexus owners, many users – and the full suite of applications – won't be available until then. In the meantime, expect Google to release more promotional videos showing off upcoming search features and more.

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