If you grew up playing on Nintendo systems, you are undoubtedly familiar with the wide range of characters and iconic mascots the company has created over the years. In an effort to please this demographic, Nintendo is polishing a new toolkit that lets players take full control over these classic characters and the level designs that they know and love. This is none other than a Wii U exclusive called Mario Maker, which promises the ability for gamers to create Mario-themed levels and share them with the world.

Classic Levels Come to Life

Mario Maker allows players to drag and drop a wide variety of characters, items and features from every Mario video game ever conceived.

This also includes various models from other universes such as Link and the Wii Fit trainer.

Did you ever wish to play additional levels from classic entries like Super Mario World for the SNES? How about challenging yourself to harder, more interesting worlds in Mario 3? The Mario Maker kit enables you and other Wii U owners to do just that.

An Unpredictable Future for the Console

As fun and imaginative as the concept is, one has to wonder if this latest offering from Nintendo will be enough to boost its Wii U hardware sales for very long. Nintendo consoles are known to sell partly thanks to nostalgic-driven games ranging from Zelda to Metroid to Starfox, which almost guarantee that a certain number of units are be sold. What we still have to see, though, is how many units this little gem will ultimately move.

Top Videos of the Day

Nintendo has released numerous popular franchises for the Wii U, including the critically-acclaimed Super Smash Bros U, Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Sadly, these well-known entries were only able to boost console sales for a brief period of time until the numbers quickly declined to disappointing levels once again. Average monthly sales tend to reach anywhere between 50,000 and 90,000 units in North America, according to the NPD Group.

If history has taught us one thing in recent years, it's that the Wii U console has not successfully kept good momentum no matter how prominent a video game is. Hopefully, however, Mario Maker will stop history from repeating itself due to a player's ability to create and share endless levels with the world. This essentially translates to a large replayability factor, which may ultimately help the struggling video game console.

To date, 9.54 million Wii U console units have been sold since it launched in November 2012. We shall see how these figures change as Mario Maker is released on September 11, 2015.