Rumors surrounding JD Spielman leaving the Nebraska football program just won't go away. They started this winter after some members of the Minnesota fandom started talking about how happy they were that whispers had reached Husker faithful.

While some fans dismissed talk of the wide receiver leaving as just idle chatter, other Cornhusker fans believe they've seen behavior from the receiver that would indicate he's on his way out of town.

Earlier this month, some Nebraska football fans even claimed Minnesota radio had revived that talk. The rumors had become so extreme that one Minnesota radio station claimed he had entered the transfer portal.

While the chances he could do that without anyone in Nebraska media knowing are there, it seems unlikely he could be there several weeks without anyone hearing something more concrete.

The transfer portal is technically not open to view by analysts or writers. But schools, coaches and players will generally tell the media when a player has entered. JD Spielman has been mostly quiet in general about what his plans are for 2020. Some Nebraska football fans believe that means he could be on his way out the door. Others believe it means he's not even thinking about departing.

JD Spielman in his own words

While Nebraska football fans try and figure out what the receiver might be doing based on what he says or retweets on social media, Spielman has made it clear there are people talking about what he's doing without talking to him.

Earlier this week, Spielman tweeted out that he "hadn't spoken to anyone since the season ended." Some Husker fans believe that is the kind of comment that alludes to him being isolated from the team. On 247Sports, fans pointed to the fact that he retweeted the announcement by Isaiah Stalbird that he was leaving as a sign as well.

Not long after Spielman said he hadn't spoken to anyone since the season ended, he put up another tweet that seemed to be asking people to stop guessing about what he was going to do. "I see alot of people speaking for me..all good I find it funny"

Nebraska football fans nervous for a reason?

There are a number of different factors that have led to JD Spielman being the focus of transfer talks.

The first is that the receiver has never managed to get through a winning season in Lincoln. Spielman is from Minnesota.

With the Golden Gophers suddenly being a contender in the Big Ten, more than a few Husker fans are afraid he might be feeling a bit homesick. There is also the fact that he ahd thought about trasnferring once before. When Mike Riley was fired and shortly after Scott Frost was brought in, he and Stanley Morgan both reportedly thought about looking to leave.

Both ended up staying in Lincoln. Now, Nebraska football fans are playing wait and see if JD Spielman transfer rumors are false this time around.