Despite outplaying veteran quarterback Tom Brady in their 37-20 win over the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson approached the 42-year-old signal-caller and called him the GOAT or Greatest of All Time. In a post-game interview, Jackson reiterated his position, saying the Patriots’ loss to his Ravens did not affect Brady’s stature as the greatest signal-caller in the history of the NFL. Other young quarterbacks belonging to Jackson’s 2018 NFL Draft class -- Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen—have also expressed their admiration for Brady’s talent and achievements in his 20-year NFL career, including six Super Bowl trophies.

They also declared their intention to pattern their careers after Brady and hope to achieve at least part of his accomplishments. When asked by Jim Gray in an interview on Westwood One Sports about the praises from the young quarterbacks, Brady replied: “I think it's very cool." “If you gonna try to emulate someone, you look up to people who have done it the right way. I looked up to Joe Montana, I looked up to Steve Young, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, the guys that paved the way before me,” Brady said. The veteran quarterback further added: “These younger players, they've seen me on Sunday afternoons for 20 years so I would say it's great to be a part of you, it's great to have an impact on their lives.”

Brady also learning from young quarterbacks

Unknown to these young quarterbacks, Brady said he’s also learning from them with their brand of football play.

"Maybe what they don't know is that they're impacting my life too. They're forcing me to continue to push myself to the limits, to learn from things that they are doing because the game does change," said Brady, adding that he's learned from the new style of play that young quarterbacks bring to the game, their playmaking abilities and their leadership qualities.

"As much as they learn from me, I would say I learn equally as much from them, which is really a great thing in my life. So I thank them for that," said Brady. When asked by Gray "if he can learn speed or is that ship sailed, Brady replied, "that ship was never in port for me." The veteran quarterback said he compensates for his lack of speed with his accuracy, which is known as his bread and butter in his career with the Patriots.

Brady happy for Garoppolo’s success

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the lucky quarterbacks who started their NFL careers under Brady’s tutelage. Garoppolo was Brady’s backup for almost three years before he was traded by the Patriots to the 49ers in 2017. Garoppolo’s career took off in San Francisco, where he has a 14-2 record as starter. Including his two victories as starter in New England, Garoppolo has a career 16-2 mark as starter.

During his interview with Gray, Brady said he’s happy for Garoppolo, who signed a 5-year contract worth $137.5 million, with $90 million in guaranteed money, following the 2017 season. “I'm certainly proud of everything that he's accomplished. He was a really great guy for me to get to know and to see on a daily basis,” said Brady.