Dwyane Wade has had a historic career, 15 years in the league, three NBA championships and a bunch of All-NBA awards and All-Star appearances to go along with it. He was a member of the Miami Heat in his first 13 seasons of his career, winning all his three titles and earning All-NBA honors throughout that time. But as Wade accepted Father Time and knew that he was nearing the end-stage of his career, he decided to take his talents to the Chicago Bulls and do something he has always wanted to do, and that’s to play for his hometown team. But after a season in the 'Windy City,' Wade was satisfied and wanted to focus more on winning titles and ideally teaming up with his best friend and NBA legend, LeBron James [VIDEO].

But after a somewhat troubling season in Cleveland, the organization made a huge decision and decided to trade the man they originally were very excited to have. And they traded him for almost nothing. But through some recent tweets, Dwyane has made it obvious that he would love to be in a Cavs' uniform right now.

Wade wants to be out there

The Eastern Conference Finals concluded its second game last night in a game that the Celtics took as the Cavs didn’t have anything left. Despite the King [VIDEO]’s 40-point triple-double effort, the Celtics were able to take a 2-0 series advantage and Wade was asked what his prediction for the rest of the series was. His answer was not surprising.

Although Wade loves Miami and is happy to end his career at the place it all started, there is still a part of him that would love to be a Cavalier right now, playing alongside his brother under the bright lights of playoff basketball.

And it makes you wonder why the Cavaliers traded their best player's best friend who has playoff experience, for a grain of salt, especially considering the way their new young guys have been playing.

His final season?

There has been a lot of speculation about Dwyane Wade and when he might end his career. He has hinted at points that the 2017-18 season might have been his last in the league but has made no official comment on it. But with his eagerness to play basketball while watching the Eastern and Western Conference Finals this year, the likelihood is that we will see him suit up for NBA action once again next season. But with the Heat not in title-winning mode at this stage, it might be a farewell season for Dwyane Wade who will probably play his last season and retire from the game of basketball at age 37.