Predicting the future is an art. Perhaps a science. The 2018 NFL season is still four months away yet there’s an incredible thirst for news about the NFL and the game is only growing in popularity internationally. Roger Goodell’s goal of a $25 billion sports league seems realistic because I can assure you, when he boasted his revenue goal several years ago, many thought the new commissioner was out of his mind. A year ago, if I told you the Rams were going to be 11-5 and win the NFC West you'd have called me crazy.

DeShaun Watson as the NFL's best passer in the first six weeks of the season? Anything can happen, so here you go, five crazy predictions for the upcoming 2018 season [VIDEO].


Tom Brady benched in favor of rookie Danny Etling

Robert Kraft promptly fires Bill Belichick, replaces him with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who promptly inserts Tom Brady as the starter. The Patriots embark on an 8-8 season, as Tom Brady’s decline is utterly catastrophic, just like every other 40-plus QB in the history of the NFL. Belichick is hired by the Cleveland Browns in 2019 and leads them to three Super Bowl appearances between 2020 and 2025. Fortunately for the Patriots, 8-8 was good enough to win the AFC East for a record 10th straight season. Brady guides the Patriots through three playoff victories, a ninth Super Bowl appearance, and a sixth title. He retires a champion.

The Detroit Lions win the NFC North

Franchise QB Matthew Stafford and new head coach Matt Patricia, combined with the best cornerback/free safety combination in the league, are poised for the playoffs in 2018.


The additions of LeGarrette Blount and draftee Kenyon Johnson from Auburn, plus a better offensive line, will address an anemic running game. In 2017, the Lions were atrocious on 3rd down and 1, the worst in the NFL. This statistic will certainly improve this upcoming season. Green Bay and Minnesota lurk in the division and with the Lions winning the division, who’s going to be left out? Minnesota will be one of the disappointments all season long as the expectations are too high and there’s too much pressure on newly-signed QB Kirk Cousins who has zero incentive to perform at a high level because 100 percent of his salary is guaranteed over the next three years.

The Cleveland Browns fire Hue Jackson in Week 1

No way the organization lets him continue to guide the team after losing 18 straight games. The Browns, in 2017, were on the verge of going 0-16 before a surprise victory in Week 16 over the Chargers on Christmas Eve. Owner Jimmy Haslam will be forced to make a change because the talk of back-to-back 0-16 seasons [VIDEO] must be silenced as quickly as possible.

Baker Mayfield becomes the starter, leading the Browns to a 2-14 record and a third straight number one overall draft pick, where they select Ohio State DE Nick Bosa.

The road must be paved for Belichick's return to Cleveland in 2019. Take some advice, Mr. Haslam, the first time Hue Jackson interrupts Todd Haley's headset trying to call his own play, he's fired. Sean McVay, calling his own plays like Hue Jackson this past season, made the elderly gentlemen look like a fool all season long. Hue Jackson calling offensive plays the past two seasons has resulted in a 1-15 record. The first time he interrupts to call his own play, probably in the first preseason game, Hue Jackson should be fired on the spot. It's football, no one is building rocket ships.

Carson Wentz spends the season on injured reserve

The timing of Wentz’s ACL tear was unfortunate, occurring in December 2017, in Week 14, against the Los Angeles Rams. Wentz will likely begin the season on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PuP), meaning he’ll miss the first six weeks of the season and will then have five weeks to begin practicing. The week Wentz begins practicing, the Eagles have three additional weeks to activate him. Week 15 of the upcoming season will mark 368 days since his injury. Will the Eagles be competitive? There’s little incentive for Wentz to play this year and trying to return too early is an overriding force. Foles guides the Eagles to an 8-8 record while Wentz spends the season fully recovering from his injury.

DeShaun Watson destroys the NFL in Weeks 11-17

Watson’s injury occurred in October 2017, two months earlier than Wentz's injury. After the Texans’ Week 10 bye, the stage is set for Watson to return in the first week of November fully healthy. No one is quite sure how to handle these ACL injuries, and how to gauge exactly when these two dynamic QBs suffering from the same injury will actually return. In 2012, when Adrian Peterson rushed for 2,091 yards in the season following his injury, that certainly raised the bar in terms of showing that a player can still be effective following such an injury.

My expectation is caution with both of these franchise QBs. Watson is special but the Texans as a team aren’t truly ready to contend for a title this season. Why risk returning Watson to action too quickly?