Cam Newton stormed out of another press conference on Wednesday (Oct. 25), this time getting frustrated with a reporter asking about the offense. Mentioning the success the Carolina Panthers had against the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots, the reporter then asked Newton, “Do you think you guys have the wherewithal to do that consistently week in and week out?”

Upon hearing the question, Newton rolled his eyes, asked for the next question, and stormed off the stage after standing silently for about three seconds while the next question was getting asked.

This is the point where someone on the payroll for the Panthers will issue an excuse for how Newton behaved when addressing the reporter. Then, in a few more days, there will likely be a partial apology for the way he acted. This is right out of the Cam Newton playbook.

Newton doesn’t like the media

As a report by USA Today pointed out, Cam Newton also walked out of his press conference following a loss in Super Bowl 2016. There were a lot of questions in the press about his toughness following the game and he didn’t help his reputation by walking out on questions from the media. Last week, Newton skipped a weekly press conference and in early October made an extremely sexist remark to a beat reporter as well.

When asked about route-running for some of his receivers by Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer, Newton felt it was appropriate to laugh at her. While continuing to smirk dismissively, he stated that “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” It set off a wave of debate about his sexist remarks and a call for him to apologize.

Many NFL analysts and sports writers (both male and female) felt that he should have apologized immediately, but it took him quite a while to film a video, rather than apologize face-to-face to Rodrigue.

Preparing for Week 8 game

While the Carolina Panthers have been dealing with injuries to star receiver Kelvin Benjamin and All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly, the team has struggled to stay afloat in the NFC South.

Two straight losses have the Panthers down to 4-3 and second place in the division. This could be leading to some frustrations for quarterback Cam Newton, but that would just be an excuse for the way he has been handling himself when speaking to the media. It was embarrassing enough to lose 17-3 to the Chicago Bears.

The Panthers are on the road to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 8, with the game taking place at 1 PM ET on Sunday (Oct. 29). Some good news is that according to the Charlotte Observer, Luke Kuechly was in full pads to practice. This could mean he soon gets through the NFL concussion protocol to play this weekend. Maybe the Panthers can get saved by their stellar defense again. For now, the media representatives for the Panthers will have to deal with more negativity that Newton has brought to the team.