Robert Griffin Iii doesn't have a football team this NFL season, but he made his name relevant again, even if just for one day, by responding to a former teammate about comments he made recently. Santana Moss appeared on 106.7 "The Fan," a local DC sports radio show, and explained to host Chad Dukes that Griffin seemingly took pride in being the reason former Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan was fired. Griffin responded to Moss' comments calling it "betrayal," and in a series of tweets explaining his time in Washington, Griffin explained how he wasn't wanted and how he was thrown into an "impossible position."

You got Mossed

Santana Moss didn't hold back any feeling in regards to his time with Griffin and the Redskins, telling Chad Dukes everything about RGIII and his drama with the team.

Moss explained how Griffin took the credit for Shanahan's firing after he was benched by him for the final three games of the 2013 season.

Moss told the radio station, "Yeah, you can't-do that. You can't-do that. God don't like ugly, man, so I try not to be in those shoes, to be the guy to reap off of someone else's downfall."

Moss continued to say how when Jay Gruden came in to replace Shanahan, he was even harder on Griffin. He was getting ripped in film sessions, and everyone thought that is what he deserved for getting Shanahan fired. Moss essentially said Griffin's happiness in Shanahan's firing came back to "bite him in the behind." Everyone with even a small amount of football knowledge can see the effects of that, along with injury issues, as Robert Griffin III is now a complete afterthought in the NFL.

Not playing the bad guy

Moss' comments found Griffin quickly, and he responded taking to Twitter to post his feelings about Moss saying, "No subtweeting need.

Santana Moss, I treated you like a brother & have always had your back. To openly lie about me is a betrayal." Griffin went on to further explain his time in DC saying, "Put in an impossible situation w/ a coach who never wanted me. Next year coach wants out, says he wants out, says he never wanted me as his QB, and I GET BLAMED?


Griffin played with Moss from 2012-2014 until Moss retired from the game. Moss' career was somewhat revitalized by Griffin's play his rookie year, as he had eight touchdowns that season, the most he recorded in a single season since 2005. Griffin was the 2012 Offensive Rookie of the Year and one of the most electrifying players in years, but hasn't been the same since injuring his knee that year.

RGIII played for the Cleveland Browns last season but was limited to five games due to multiple injuries.