Ronda Rousey, one of the top female UFC stars in the world, gave an interview recently and talked about the burglary that occurred in her home. The interview took place amid UFC’s celebration of women in the sport.

Rousey dropped by “Live With Kelly and Ryan” earlier this week and she talked about the time that she and her fiancé, Travis Browne, discovered that their house was burgled. Rousey said she and Browne were set to leave for New Zealand that time but found out that someone went inside their home and spent three days there. They stole her Olympic rings, her guns, her jewelry, headphones, and credit cards.

Before they went to New Zealand, Browne was still Rousey’s boyfriend. When they went to New Zealand, Browne proposed to Rousey.

Who are the suspects

In a report by TMZ, the suspects are Zhamila Bolat, 21, and Alim Young, 20. They have been arrested but charges are still pending. It is unclear what Bolat’s job is but Young is a skateboarder. In the past, Young had a run-in with the law. He was convicted on grand theft and petty theft charges. It is unclear how the two are related.

Rousey also did not say whether they were able to recover the things that the two suspects took from their home or how much money was used from the stolen credit cards.

Rousey’s career still unclear

The Career of Rousey remains at a hiatus.

She started to have an uncertain career after she lost a match with Holly Holm. She recently lost another match with Amanda Nunes. Her fight with Holm was one of the greatest upsets in UFC history as everyone thought Rousey would not lose the match. She was on break for months after that until she had her match with Nunes at UFC 207.

That fight took place last December and she has not commented on getting back in the ring or any other scheduled fights in the near future.

What she is busy with now is “Battle of the Network Stars.” She is a team captain there. She is also busy supporting her fiancé. ABC News reported that Browne has been more than inspired to end his losing streak.

He said his personal life is better than it has ever been as he is with someone who understands the game and Rousey supports him in everything. He also said that he supports Rousey with whatever plans she has and does not want to push her to do something, seemingly pertaining to her UFC comeback.

UFC's celebration of women in the sport

As for UFC's celebration of women in the sport, MMA Junkie said that the organization hosted "Women of UFC" discussion panel and Rousey did not take part of it. The event took place in Las Vegas and is part of UFC's International Fight Week.