Universal Champion Kevin Owens retained his title on Sunday at "WWE Roadblock" after beating U.S. Champion Roman Reigns by disqualification. He won with help from Chris Jericho who interfered in the fight. Jericho helped Owens retain the title through a clever ruse. He pretended to interfere on behalf of Reigns by attacking Owens with the codebreaker. This forced the referee to disqualify Reigns. But after the disqualification, Jericho held Owens’ hand up in celebration and the two hugged after falling out earlier in the evening.

Chris Jericho lost to Seth Rollins earlier in the evening after Kevin Owens interfered

Jericho lost to Seth Rollins earlier in the evening after Owens intervened in the match. Jericho pinned Rollins but the referee missed the moment because he was trying to deal with Owens who interfered to help Jericho. The referee later turned around as Rollins delivered a pedigree on Jericho and won the fight.

Jericho was very upset that he lost due to his friend's interference. When Owens went to Jericho's locker room to apologize, Jericho refused to open the door. But later in the evening, Jericho came out to help his friend retain his title in the match against Reigns. He hit Owens with the codebreaker and forced the referee to disqualify Reigns.

But as the two friends celebrated victory after the fight, Seth Rollins and Reigns teamed up to hit them with powerbombs.

Despite winning with help from Jericho, Owens put up a great fight, with stunning moves that included somersault leg drops and frog splashes. But Reigns continued coming back until Jericho intervened and ended the fight with the codebreaker.

Chris Jericho also helped Kevin Owens defend his title against Seth Rollins on 'Raw'

Jericho also helped Owens defend his title against Rollins on "Raw" in November. Hoping to earn a Universal Championship bout at "Roadblock" as the No. 1 contender, Reigns challenged Owens after he defended his title against Rollins.

Reigns teased Owens, saying he could not win a fight without Jericho.

Owens accepted the challenge. But it proved a mistake as Rollins took out Jericho in the parking lot and forced Owens to fight Reigns on his own. He lost the fight to Reigns despite having plenty of chances to win.

What's next for Roman Reigns?

Although Reigns, a three-time world champion, has never won the Universal Championship, he tweeted before the fight that he was confident he would add the Universal Championship title to his U.S. title. Many believed that Reigns would win, as it seemed that Owens could not win a major match without help.

Sunday's match was entertaining, but Reigns missed the opportunity to prove that Owens could not win without Jericho.

However, the circumstance of Owens’ win has set the stage for further escalation of the rivalry with Reigns, and it's likely that the two will have a rematch at the Royal Rumble in January.

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