The biggest news of the baseball offseason so far came on Tuesday afternoon, when the Boston Red Sox swung a trade for Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale. The deal came amidst rumors of the potential of a trade heating up to send Sale to the Washington Nationals, not the Red Sox. In return for Sale, the White Sox will receive top infield prospect Yoan Moncada, top pitching prospect Michael Kopech, and minor leaguers Luis Alexander Basabe and Victor Diaz.

Here are the winners and losers of the Chris Sale trade.


Boston Red Sox - the team received the top-shelf ace they were looking for in the trade for Sale.

David Price didn't quite reach expectations last season, and while Rick Porcello won the AL Cy Young Award, questions still surrounded the Boston pitching staff. Now, they have the most feared rotation in baseball and have quickly become heavy favorites in the AL East.

Chicago White Sox - just because the team had to trade Sale doesn't mean they made out poorly. It's rare for a trade in baseball to include two highly-touted prospects, but that's what the White Sox got in Moncada and Kopech. There may be some immediate regression, but the long-term future in Chicago just got a lot brighter.

Chris Sale - it was no secret that Sale wasn't particular happy in Chicago, most notably when he received a suspension after tearing his jersey apart before a game in the middle of the year.

The five-time All-Star will now have an opportunity to compete for a pennant and more, something he never even came close to with the White Sox.


Washington Nationals - the Nationals place all of their chips into two trades this off-season, deals for Chris Sale and Andrew McCutchen. The deal for McCutchen has gone cold, while the deal for Sale is now dead.

This isn't the image Washington wants to project to the baseball world.

John Farrell - how is the manager of the Red Sox a loser in this equation? His tenure in Boston led to some hot seat rumors just this past year when the team flamed out in the ALDS. With Sale on the roster, Farrell is running out of excuses to hold off a passionate fan base.

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