Take a good hard look at the New York Jets' offense for a second. What do you see? A talented receiving corps, that's for sure. They have one of the most accomplished running backs in the NFL, nobody could deny that. They even have three young quarterbacks who they've invested early draft picks in.

What the Jets lack is far more glaring, though. The offensive line is a total mess. New York simply can't block well enough to take advantage of their great receivers. Factor in a defense that has failed to stop anyone this season, and you have Jets fans who long for the days of Rex Ryan guaranteeing Super Bowls.

It simply doesn't matter who plays Quarterback for the Jets. They need to focus on rebuilding their defense, and offensive line. For now, New York is better off re-signing Geno Smith for one season and having him compete with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg for the starting job next year.

The quarterback draft class offers little hope

DeShaun Watson? Mitch Trubinsky? DeShone Kizer? Brad Kaaya? Good luck convincing anyone in New York that these guys can help them next season. The Jets are far better off rebuilding their team and trying for a more talented quarterback next year. They would be far better off with Lamar Jackson or Josh Rosen under center anyway.

In a year where the cornerback class is as talented as ever, New York should focus on retooling their secondary.

Head coach Todd Bowles could be fired after the season, but if he sticks around, he'll definitely need better defensive backs to run back up his blitz packages. The Jets should be far more worried about replacing Darrelle Revis than spending another early round pick trying to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Free agent quarterbacks make no sense for them

If Tony Romo couldn't hold up behind the Cowboys' offensive line, what makes you think he'll do any better with the Jets? Romo is fragile, and it's doubtful he could withstand the rigors of a full NFL season at this point. It's not like New York would offer him a better shot at winning a Super Bowl than Denver or Arizona would, either.

Even if they could, their cap situation would make it extremely difficult to bring the veteran on board anyway.

Who else could be available? Adding Jay Cutler to this roster would be a nightmare. Cutler has often been accused of lacking motivation, and being the Jets' QB is one of the most scrutinized positions in the sport. New York's fan base would eat Cutler alive and he wouldn't even care.

New York's options simply don't make sense at this point. The Jets spent a second-round pick on Geno Smith, a fourth rounder on Bryce Petty, and a second rounder on Christian Hackenberg. Those are some heavy investments, and the team needs to find out if any of them have franchise quarterback potential.

The only way they'll find out is if they play them, which is exactly what they should do next season.

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