Week 16 of the 2016/17 NFL season will not feature many Christmas Day games. The NFL commonly plays the bulk of their games on the Sunday of any particular week, however this upcoming week the majority of games will be played on Saturday, which is Christmas Eve. Of the sixteen games to be played in Week 16, twelve of them will be played on December 24th and only a couple will be played on Christmas Day.

Baltimore and Denver need big wins on Dec 25

The unlucky players that will have to compete on the holiday are the players on the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Perhaps as insult to injury, the games that will be played on Christmas Day are actually stressful ones. Players on these teams won't be waking up and relaxing with their families as they are all involved in battles to make the post-season.

Baltimore will be playing at Pittsburgh in a game that the Ravens desperately need. They enter Week 16 with an 8-6 record and they are in trouble from both a divisional perspective and a Wild Card perspective. If they lose to Pittsburgh, Baltimore can kiss divisional aspirations good-bye while their Wild-Card hopes would be severely dashed as well. The Steelers themselves need a win to keep Baltimore at bay while solidifying hopes of a three seed in the AFC.

The Broncos are another 8-6 team that can't afford to lose on Christmas Day. They can already forget about winning the division as they cannot catch 11-3 Oakland. The defending Super Bowl champs may find themselves outside of the playoff picture entirely if they should lose to the Chiefs as Denver chase 9-5 Miami for the 2nd Wild Card spot.

The Chiefs can still hope to win their division but more importantly KC need a win to clinch a Wild Card spot and a 5 seed in the AFC. Without this, there are still remote scenarios where they may miss the post-season.

Other games Monday and Thursday

Christmas certainly won't be a relaxing holiday for the four coaches of these teams.

After Christmas, the Detroit Lions will face the Dallas Cowboys on the Monday-nighter next week. Furthermore, there is a Thursday-night game involving the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. Perhaps, from a festive point of view, those are the teams that are most fortunate as they avoid playing Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, unlike all other teams in the NFL this season.

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