Washington Redskins' fans and players alike will be happy to know that the betting odds for Week 16's Monday Night Football game favor the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys host the game, they haven't lost at home since Week 1, and bet365 make Dallas -275 favorites to beat Detroit on Monday night. Those odds suggest that Dallas would beat Detroit 11 times in 15. The Redskins' contingent will feel far more comfortable after the game, provided that Dallas do win.

Washington want Dallas to win badly

It's a mistake to assume that Washington get into the playoffs with a Dallas win on Monday night. However, what Washington would get is complete control over their own destiny.

If Dallas win, then the Redskins can focus on their own game next week against the New York Giants without any nagging concerns for how next Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers goes. If Detroit win then Washington still have to focus on New York, but there's a question mark regarding the significance. It's possible that the Redskins thump New York next week and then miss the playoffs all the same with the wrong result between the Lions and Packers in Week 17.

Despite the if-then scenarios that the Redskins face, they still have a fairly simple playoff outlook. They are only concerned with three games at the most in the remaining NFL schedule. Furthermore, they can only be the 6th seed at best, with no hopes whatsoever for anything better.

Washington want the Cowboys to win on Monday Night Football and then the Redskins need to beat the Giants to claim the 6 seed. If Detroit win Washington still need to beat the Giants, but then they need the Green Bay Packers to finish 9-7. That would require GB losing to Detroit next week, a result that would take the Lions out of the Wild Card picture with a divisional title.

Should Dallas play Tony Romo?

With the Dallas game, there is some question as to how the Cowboys should play it. Should they give Tony Romo some playing time to shake off any rust? What about resting Ezekiel Elliott? Where's the harm from Dallas' point of view given that they have the top seed locked up?

But does resting Elliott hurt his outside chances of winning the MVP? The mere fact that the Cowboys can approach the Detroit game in a non-serious manner hurts Washington a bit. However, it's good that the Cowboys are playing in front of their home fans because that does create a sort of 'customer service' kind of pressure.

Dallas won't want to no-show a game at home, although I do think that getting Romo into some sets would be smart. The Cowboys' back-up QB, because of injury, hasn't played since the pre-season and he lost his starting position to Dak Prescott. However, Romo's veteran leadership may factor into the Cowboys' season yet. Furthermore, Romo needs to prove that he can take a tackle and get up from it.

Getting Romo some game time will probably help the Cowboys from numerous points of view.

Washington are just 2-3 in their last five games and it's this poor patch of results that has put them in a position where they have to pay attention to what others do. That's not the situation you want to be in, however, with the right result tonight, the Redskins once again can control their own destiny.

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