The Washington Redskins are still in the hunt to make the NFC's post-season. On Saturday, they were in Chicago to face the Bears and Washington came away with a big 20-point victory. The final score in the game was 41-21 with Washington improving to 8-6-1 on the season.

What should Washington fans watch for?

The Redskins and their fans will be keeping their eyes on the scoreboards for the balance of Week 16. For instance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play on Saturday at New Orleans. The Bucs enter the game 8-6 and the Redskins would much rather that the Saints won the game to see the Bucs fall to 8-7.

If TB win, then they will be 9-6 heading into the final week of the season. Washington would still be able to beat them outright if the Redskins finish 9-6-1 and the Bucs finish 9-7, however a TB loss on Saturday is certainly a result that Washington is hoping for.

Furthermore, the Redskins will pay attention to the Dallas Cowboys/Detroit Lions game. The result that Washington fans want in this contest is Detroit loss. Currently, Detroit are 9-5 and they sit in the NFC North divisional lead. However, they may yet enter into the Wild Card picture. If Detroit enter the Wild Card picture with a record of 10-6 (ie. they win in Week 16 and lose in Week 17) then those 10 wins would set the bar too high for Washington to get to.

There are no other games in Week 16 that Washington fans need to be concerned with. Furthermore, it's worth pointing out that the result of the TB/New Orleans game does not determine anything. If the Bucs win Washington's chances get worse, but the Redskins will not be eliminated from the playoff picture directly.

Furthermore, if Detroit beat Dallas then that would not eliminate Washington either. In the latter result, Redskin fans would then want Detroit to beat Green Bay next week so the Packers finish 9-7. If TB finish 9-7 as well then Washington could get the 2nd Wild Card at 9-6-1.

Washington must win next week

What is a certainty at this point is that Washington need to win next week because 8-7-1 will not cut it. On that note, the scheduling is double-edged for the Redskins. They have to beat the New York Giants in Week 17, a strong team this season. However, at least Washington will host the game.

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