Washington Redskins fans that are dealing with straight wins and losses can take comfort in the fact that their team would seem to be in the playoffs if the Redskins win their game against the New York Giants on Sunday. What's especially nice about everything is that the Giants shouldn't care much about the result against the Redskins. However, there is one nagging scenario where Washington win and don't get in. If the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers tied their Sunday night game then Washington would miss the playoffs, even if they beat New York earlier in the day.

Tie game a doomsday scenario for Redskins

The reason tie game scenarios get overlooked so often is simply because the NFL doesn't have many of them. However, as far as logical deduction goes, you have to account for every single scenario, including the rarest ones. In the case of NFL football -- that means accounting for what happens in the event of a tie game. At this point in the season, there have been 210 NFL games and 2 of them ended in a tie. If you just go by that then there is about a 1% chance that Green Bay and Detroit end up tied at the end of Sunday night's game.

So if Washington beat New York to go to 9-6-1 and 9-6 Detroit tied 9-6 Green Bay, this is what would happen. Green Bay wins the NFC North division by virtue of the first tiebreaker that favors head-to-head records.

GB beat Detroit in Week 3 and with Sunday's game tying, that would give the Packers the tiebreaker. A 9-6-1 Detroit then enters the Wild Card picture and not in a good way for Redskins fans. Detroit beat Washington on October 3rd and head-to-heads is the first tiebreaker in the Wild Card scenario too.

Redskins fans don't have to worry much

Of course Redskins fans will take major comfort in the fact of just how rare tie games are in the NFL. Furthermore, if GB and Detroit end up tied I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will roll out and wonder if the draw was pre-arranged given that both GB and Detroit might benefit from a tie.

However, Washington did make the bed they are sleeping in right now. As nagging as the tie-game scenario is for the logician, it's pretty much the case that Washington are in with a win still.*

*not a guarantee

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