Urijah Faber was the best fighter in the world at 145lbs from 2006 to 2008, and over the course of those two years became a pioneer for lighter weight classes in the UFC. Faber was so popular fighting for the WEC at the time, that it forced Zuffa's hand to bring lighter weight classes into the UFC.

Before the UFC had a 145lbs division, the best in the weight class were in WEC's featherweight class. Faber defended his WEC featherweight championship 5 times before losing to Mike Brown in 2008. Unfortunately, Faber was never able to again reach the pinnacle of his weight class after that loss.

The final fight in Urijah Faber's legacy was Saturday night in his hometown of Sacramento.

Urijah Faber vs. Brad Pickett

Round 1

Not much happened in the first half of round 1. Around the midway point, however, Faber hit Pickett with a left cross that dropped him. He spent the remainder of the round in a dominant position on the ground, where his skills were clearly superior. Pickett was always doing just enough to keep John McCarthy from stopping the fight, however, and also fended off an attempted rear naked choke. 10-8 for Faber.

Round 2

The first couple minutes of round 2 consisted of Pickett hitting Faber with leg kicks. Faber took Pickett down after 2 minutes. For about a minute and twenty seconds Faber was trying to get his back, but not quite getting there. Faber attempted a guillotine and a rear-naked choke, but Pickett escaped and got to his feet.

Faber made another attempt at a guillotine with a minute to go in the round, but Pickett escaped fairly easily. Stann commented that Pickett spent a lot of time in his camp learning to fend off Faber's patented guilotine choke. 10-9 for the "California Kid."

Round 3

Urijah spent most of the round taking his opponent down and attempting to submit him.

Pickett had clearly prepared for all of Uriah's submissions, however, so a finish never came. Pickett did knock him down at one point, but Faber bounced back pretty quick. It was another clear round for Faber, however. I scored it 10-9 Faber.

My total score: 30-26 Faber, and the Judge's score: 30-26 (all 3 judges) for Faber.

Where does Urijah go from here?

Urijah Faber told Brian Stann in the post-fight interview that he has some big plans, though what exactly they are is not currently known. He is the owner of Team Alpha Male, and his focus must now shift to Cody Garbrandt and his chance to win the bantamweight championship at UFC 207.

Cody Gardbrandt could pull off a big win for Team Alpha Male to close out a memorable 2016 for the camp.

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