Wednesday night Tye Dillinger took on Eric Young in singles competition. The winner would advance to a fatal four way next week. The winner of that match will be the new #1 contender for Nakamura's NXT Championship.

There was a lot on the line here for each guy. Dillinger is a guy whose stock is on the rise, after recent strong (though ultimately unsuccessful) performances against top guys. He lost to Bobby Roode at Takeover, but he got over with the fans. That he has a pathway towards a title shot in front of him is a testament to how well he has performed as of late.

As for Eric Young, this was a chance to show he can compete at the top level in NXT.

A loss to Dillinger here would not be the way he wants to start out this run in the territory.

Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young

Young is definitely going with an "insane" person gimmick, which is of course made obvious by the "Sanity" name given to his faction. They are very 2-dimensional wild people, I guess? Young is a good performer so this is perhaps worth giving a chance.

This match did not last long. Young stormed at Dillinger right after the bell and took the early advantage. Dillinger countered and went on offense, eventually giving his patented 10-punches in the corner while the crowd chanted along. Quickly Young's cronies in Sanity hit the ring and caused a disqualification. Dillinger advances, Young never loses and protects his "insane" gimmick.

Everyone gets over a little more than they were the previous week.

Tye Dillinger attacked by large, hairy and shirtless man

Dillinger managed to throw all the members of Sanity out of the ring, but he was finally bested by a large, hairy, and quite shirtless human being. His name is Big Damo, and he's an Irish-born NXT developmental talent.

Evidently, Big Damo wanted to impress the members of Sanity. Corey Graves began asking if Big Damo was "auditioning", as in auditioning to be a member of their group.

For Dillinger, despite the beatdown, he has a chance to earn an NXT Championship match next week, provided he is physically capable of wrestling.

For Eric Young, he may have a new monster in his version of Raven's Flock. Both guys advance in different ways, and neither guy gets beaten. Pretty good booking there Triple H...

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