The fantasy Football season is drawing to a close and that means that it's time for some closing observations. If your team won the fantasy football championship in 2016, it likely had players like Le'veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliot on it. Those running backs delivered for their teams all year, unlike these busts who didn't even come close to living up to their draft position.

1. Todd Gurley.

The Rams running back didn't even come close to living up to the hype. Gurley likely went in the top 3 picks of your fantasy football drafts but certainly didn't produce like it. Gurley had just two games in single digits as a fantasy starter last season.

This year? Gurley has just four games with double digit fantasy points and only one 20+ point performance. If you drafted Gurley this season, you were disappointed with a running back who was supposed to be one of the best fantasy players this year.

2. Allen Robinson.

The Jaguars wide receiver had a huge season in 2015 and finished fourth among all fantasy wide receivers in points scored. He commonly went within the first 20 picks of fantasy drafts in 2016 and was usually a second round pick. Fantasy owners were rewarded with a player who has managed to scored double digit fantasy totals just four times this season. Robinson definitely won't be drafted anywhere close to the second round next season.

3. Cam Newton.

The leading scorer in fantasy last season doesn't even crack the top ten fantasy quarterbacks this year. The rest of the NFL has figured out how to limit Cam Newton and it's resulted in a completely off fantasy year for him. Those owners who spent a third or fourth round pick on Newton are left wondering why didn't wait to pick a player like Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota.

Next year, fantasy owners should strive to avoid selecting high risk quarterbacks like Cam Newton early.

4. Brandon Marshall.

The Jets wide receiver went from the third highest scoring wide receiver in 2015 to a fringe flex play in 2016. Fantasy owners who used a second round pick on him were disappointed to get just four double digit fantasy performances and only three touchdowns out of a guy who was one of the most productive players in fantasy football just one year ago.

5. Jamaal Charles.

The Chiefs running back's status was unclear after an injury kept him out for all of 2015. Fantasy owners willing to take the gamble on Charles were destroyed by his inability to come back to the field in 2016. Charles had just one significant game of note against the Raiders in which he scored 10 fantasy points before he went back on IR. If you drafted Charles, you essentially got a ghost of a fantasy player who produced basically nothing all year.

6. Thomas Rawls.

Similar to Charles, Rawls was hampered by injuries all year until he could come back. Rawls was replaced by Christine Michael, who occasionally performed admirably in his role as a starter. Rawls returned as a starter in week 11, but has only had one good fantasy game as the starter in Seattle.

Those a pretty disappointing results for a guy drafted between the third and fifth rounds in most fantasy football leagues.

7. DeAndre Hopkins.

Hopkins was either a first or second round draft pick in most fantasy leagues this season and failed spectacularly to live up to the hype. In 2015, Hopkins scored a whopping 11 touchdowns and scored double digit fantasy totals in 10 out of 16 weeks. In 2016, Hopkins has just four touchdowns and has scored double digit fantasy numbers just four times. Not the kind of production owners were expecting from a first round pick.

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