Which defense to play is a question that fantasy owners face every single week. In week 14, fantasy owners can't make a mistake with their choices. That's what we're here for. We provide a list of top ten defenses that perform every single week with the occasional miss here and there. This week will be no different in the playoff edition of the top 10 week 14 fantasy Football defenses.

1. Lions D/ST.

The Lions aren't exactly known for their defense, but they've now delivered two impressive performances in a row against the Vikings and Saints. Shutting down Drew Brees on the road is an impressive feat.

Now things will get much easier at home against a terrible Chicago offense that shouldn't be able to move the ball much in Detroit.

2. Bengals D/ST.

The Browns are still the only winless team in the league and it's partially due to an anemic offense that struggles to score every week. The Bengals defense should have no problem putting up a positive fantasy point total against the Browns this week.

3. Broncos D/ST.

The Broncos proved their defense is still elite with an impressive performance against Jacksonville that included a pick six. Their game against Tennessee will be a little harder, but the Broncos defense should still be able to deliver a solid fantasy performance.

4. Titans D/ST.

The Titans and Broncos will likely play the lowest scoring game of the week and that presents opportunities for defenses.

If Paxton Lynch plays again, I really love this defense. I still like it even if Siemian plays against this team on the road.

5. Vikings D/ST.

One of the top scorers in fantasy actually delivered a solid output against one of the best offenses in the league in the Dallas Cowboys. Now the Vikings defense gets to play against Blake Bortles, who has thrown more pick sixes than any other quarterback since 2012.

6. Jaguars D/ST.

Even though the Vikings will likely get some points from their defense, the Jaguars should be able to force turnovers and limit Sam Bradford to a low point total. Those ingredients should result in a decent fantasy day for the defense.

7. Falcons D/ST.

Want to avoid a negative point total?

Play the defense that gets to face Jared Goff. The Rams signalcaller could be the worst quarterback in the league right now and can't throw deep passes at all. The Falcons might not have the best defense, but the matchup against Goff is enough to warrant a start.

8. Patriots D/ST.

On paper, this looks like a great fantasy matchup. The Patriots are on a roll and are playing at home against a Ravens team that was struggling to move the ball earlier in the year. But the Ravens are hitting their stride right now and always seem to give the Patriots trouble in Foxboro. I'm starting the defense if I have them, but I'm definitely wary about it.

9. Colts D/ST.

The Texans have a bad offense. They rely far too much on the ground game because of Brock Osweiler's deficiencies and fail to throw the ball downfield.

When Brock has to, he makes mistakes that can be capitalized on. Start the Colts defense in fantasy leagues with confidence.

10. Dolphins D/ST.

I don't like putting this defense on the list, but it's the best one left. The Dolphins get to play at home against a Cardinals offense that is either awesome or terrible depending on the week. If you start the Dolphins defense in the fantasy playoffs, you better hope the terrible version shows up.

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