Now that the fantasy Football season has ended, it’s time to take an overall look at the year 2016. So far, we’ve reviewed 2016’s busts, steals, and lessons. In this article, we’ll take a look at an early top 10 fantasy football players in 2017.

1. David Johnson

The Cardinals running back was absolutely ridiculous in 2016 and delivered insane fantasy performance after insane fantasy performance. Johnson was consistent enough to never score a point total below double digits, something that fantasy owners should value immensely given the variability inherent in fantasy football. The talented Cardinals running back should be the top pick in every single draft next year.

2. Ezekiel Elliot

The Cowboys running back proved all his doubters wrong and had a massive year behind the best offensive line in the NFL. In most seasons, Elliot would be the consensus number one fantasy pick in 2017. But, despite his huge numbers, Elliot did not pass Johnson in total fantasy points scored.

3. Antonio Brown

The Steelers wide receiver wasn’t the most consistent player in 2016, but we all know what he is capable of when he gets hot. Brown remains the best wide receiver in the NFL and should be a top five pick in 2017 fantasy football drafts.

4. Le’veon Bell

The Steelers running back is ridiculously good when he stays on the field. Bell remains in this position only because he has missed games over the past two years and could again in 2017 if he doesn’t evade substance abuse problems.

When healthy, Bell is the best running back in the league and a fantasy force to be reckoned with.

5. DeMarco Murray

The new Titans running back has proved that he is in the elite echelon of fantasy players when given sufficient workload. The presence of Derrick Henry wasn’t enough to deter Murray from having a big year in 2016 and there’s no reason to believe that he won’t deliver similar production in 2017.

6. LeSean McCoy

The Bills running back exploded in 2016 and got a huge number of touches in every game that he played in. McCoy was one of the most consistent fantasy running backs all season and will again have that huge role in the offense in 2017.

7. Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants wide receiver is having another fantastic year and will still be worth the top 10 pick in 2017.

Beckham scored double digit point totals in more than half the games he played in this season, a great sign for fantasy owners looking for some consistency.

8. Devonta Freeman

Many doubted Freeman’s ability to return and deliver another solid season in 2016 after his production tapered off in 2015. Freeman has been a top 10 running back for most of the fantasy season and delivered a 30 point fantasy performance for owners in week 15, something that could have easily helped a team win a championship.

9. Julio Jones

When Julio Jones is healthy, he’s amazing. The problem is that Jones seems to always be bothered by a foot injury of some sort. It makes it hard for fantasy owners to draft him in the first round because they don’t want to get burned by a player who is consistently out with injuries.

Still, it’s worth drafting him in the first round of 2017 just for the production you get from him when healthy.

10. Melvin Gordon

Gordon proved in 2016 that he can be a great fantasy player when he’s given most of the workload. There’s just one problem. Danny Woodhead will return in 2017 and take some of those fantasy points away. Still, it’s hard to deny that Gordon will likely be drafted in the top 10 in 2017 after his huge year in 2016.

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