The most famous case of Football espionage came during the Spygate controversy, when the New England Patriots were caught filming a New York Jets practice illegally. The latest case took place at the college level, where Wake Forest had to fire their radio broadcaster Tommy Elrod after an investigation into the compromising of team game plans dating back a couple of years.

The investigation

After Wake Forest's game against the Louisville Cardinals on November 12, speculation began to build that the team's plans had been stolen and given to their opponents, giving them an unjust edge. Louisville denied the accusations, but Wake Forest began a full investigation anyways, which led to Tommy Elrod.

The investigation focused on Elrod's text messages, emails, and phone records, and revealed that he had given other teams confidential information on multiple occasions since 2014. The details of what that information was remains confidential, but the school had no choice but to let go of Elrod on Tuesday, kicking him off the radio network and banning him from the team's athletic complex.

No other members of the the school's athletic department are believed to have known about the compromising of proprietary information. Wake Forest lost the game to Louisville 44-12 and finished the season 6-6. They will play Temple in the Military Bowl on December 27.

About the man

Tommy Elrod played for the Wake Forest football team from 1993-1997 and later became a graduate assistant under Jim Grobe at the school.

When a new coaching staff took over in 2014, however, led by Dave Clawson, he chose to clean house and not retain Elrod, who instead accepted a role with the Wake Forest IMG Radio Network.

Elrod hasn't made a public comment since the news of the investigation and his removal from Wake Forest came on Tuesday afternoon.

Some speculation pits Elrod's motivation for the giving away of information as revenge for being taken off the coaching staff, while others speculate compensation may have been involved.

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