As of this writing, the Monday Night Football game is six seconds into the fourth quarter. The score: New York Jets 3, Indianapolis Colts 41. Even in a league where there are clearly great teams and clearly terrible teams (like the Cleveland Browns), no result has shaped up as badly as this game is for the Jets. It leads to one conclusion: it's time to blow up this team's nucleus.

Make the quarterback change

This is not to say it's time to fire Todd Bowles -- there's still a good coach within him. But his biggest mistake this season has been sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick for way too long. When the quarterback finally ended his contract stalemate in the offseason with the Jets, it seemed the team may be primed for a legitimate run to the playoffs.

Instead, they ended up at the bottom of the AFC East, and it's not particularly close, since Fitzpatrick has been a turnover machine every time he has seen the field (13 picks, only better than Blake Bortles and Philip Rivers).

After this game, the Jets will be 3-9, all but officially eliminated from the playoff race, as they have been for several weeks now. If Bowles wants to keep the New York crowd invested, he'll continue his action from Monday night and play Bryce Petty for the rest of the season. He may not be any good, but at least the Jets would know for future reference what they have at the quarterback position.

Focus on the other line

The Jets have spent the past several years building a potent offensive line with Sheldon Richardson, the re-signed Muhammad Wilkerson, and the highly-drafted Leonard Williams.

New York's rush defense is second in the league and the pass defense is in the top half, despite Wilkerson having a bad year due to a lingering injury. But Richardson and Wilkerson can both be malcontents at times.

Meanwhile, with D'Brickashaw Ferguson calling it quits and Nick Mangold moving past his prime, the offensive line has begun to crumble with no prospects in the pipeline.

One only needs to look at the two best teams in football this year, the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders, to see how important a good offensive line can be. The Jets' signing of Matt Forte this offseason was wasted by an offensive line that couldn't provide him enough blocking lanes. Forget a quarterback in the first round; New York needs to take a tackle.

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