On Monday LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 went down into the Colombian mountains, taking 71 lives in the process. Fuel exhaustion is attributed to the crash, although investigations are still ongoing. Another possibility could be electric failure, as shown by the pilot's last recordings before impact. 19 players of football club Chapecoense perished, as the team was on their way to play Atletico Nacional, in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final in Medellin. To show their solidarity, Atletico Nacional even requested that the title be given to the Brazilian club. Notable sports journalists and commentators like former player Mario Sergio, who worked for FOX Sports Brazil, also died in the crash.

Back home in the city of Chapeco in the state of Santa Catarina, thousands of fans and residents of the city attended mass at the Santo Antonio Cathedral, to pay tribute to their beloved team and players.

The global community mourns victims of the crash

Around the world athletes from Australia to the United States paid their tribute to the victims of this horrible tragedy. A moment of silence was held before the final match of the Australian cup in Melbourne yesterday. The NBA did their part by observing a moment of silence in San Antonio and Philadelphia, before their respective games. Players of Torino FC wore black armbands during a match yesterday to pay their tribute. Club Atletico Huracan in Argentina proposed the idea of wearing the crest of Chapecoense on their shirts, during their next few matches.

The world responded and people once again came to the realization that there is more to life than the game of football.

What does the near future hold for Chapecoense?

Six people survived the impact, among them were three players, two members of the crew and one journalist. Jackson Follman, Alan Ruschel and Neto were the players that survived.

Jackson Follman might have survived the plane crash but his career as a goalkeeper came to an unfortunate end. The 24-year-old lost one of his legs as a result of the crash. Neto is currently suffering from head trauma. Notable superstars of the game like Juan Roman Riquelme and Ronaldinho are ready to come out of retirement and play for Chapecoense, a club that currently has only fifteen players.

As for next season, more players will join the club on loan, with Brazilian clubs even offering to loan some of their players to Chapecoense for free.

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