At this point in time; the 49ers’ goal is to at least win another game before the end of the season. The last couple of seasons have been very disappointing for the team; with this one being the worst of them all.

The negative mindset has led people to expect another loss

The victories the Niners picked up in the past are almost nonexistent. The last significant victory against the Falcons was back in the 2012 NFC Championship game. Do you remember that? Yeah; the feeling was great and we want to feel that again.

In comparison to last season’s Week 15, the 49ers entered (against the Bengals) with a 4-9 record.

This season’s Week 15, the team has a 1-12 record right before they take on the Falcons. Based off just that, it’s not likely that they will win. There are other contributing factors that cut down on a possible win. There was last week’s loss to the equally weak New York Jets. The Niners started off with an interception and two easy touchdowns. It seemed like destiny was on their side until the 2nd quarter. The Jets managed to score a field goal and the Niners only added more to their lead with a field goal of their own (only to miss a field goal). In the 4th quarter, somehow the Jets scored 11 unanswered points to force overtime. With one touchdown, the Jets broke their own losing streak and extended the 49ers’ losing streak.

It’s simple; the Falcons are slightly better

The Falcons have averaged 6.5 yards on offense (4.5 rushing and 9.1 passing). Matt Ryan has a completion rating of 68.3. Collin Kaepernick currently has a 54.8 completion rating. The offensive line averages 6.3 passing and 4.7 rushing yards. The only saving grace for the Niners is running back Carlos Hyde, but it’s not like he’s going to carry the offense throughout the whole game.

He can be stopped. That’s just on offense. Defense-wise; neither team is great, but the Falcons are slightly better. You can look at the previous games and still believe that the Niners might win, but again we have to be realistic. We can’t deny that they will put up a fight. They are looking for a win; even if it’s by a tiny margin.

They showed that potential to win in their games against the Jets, Patriots, Cardinals (twice), and even against the Cowboys.

So; when it comes down to the Niner offense, their chances of scoring are relatively good. The Falcon defense isn’t great; in their wins and losses, they allowed over ten points per game; this game can’t be any different. Just to give San Francisco the benefit of the doubt; if they win, it will be by one touchdown or a field goal at most.

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