Quarterback is the most important position in all of professional sports. If you have an elite one, your team will be contending for championships every year. Without one, your team will probably languish towards the bottom of the NFL standings for years to come. As some teams begin to look towards 2017, let's look at some teams who will want to take a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Cleveland Browns

There are rumors that the team covets defensive linemen Myles Garrett, but it may be more important to look for a quarterback in the draft. Robert Griffin III was brought in to be the answer, but has missed most of the season with an injury and hasn't looked good when he's played.

Josh McCown is aging and Cody Kessler is a big question mark right now - spicing up the quarterback competition may be a prudent decision.

New York Jets

After the buzz surrounding the team following the re-signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the quarterback broke down and threw a tremendous amount of interceptions, leading to his benching in favor of Geno Smith, who immediately tore an ACL. Bryce Petty has potential, and so does Christian Hackenberg (though he never comes close to seeing the field), but there are no sexy options for the team going forward, meaning they'll draft someone in the first three rounds.

Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler is not coming back to be the quarterback of this team next year, that's for sure.

Matt Barkley has shown potential in his limited time on the field, but his receivers haven't done him many favors, dropping a record number of passes in Week 13. They'll have to draft their quarterback of the future.

San Francisco 49ers

The same goes for this team. One week, Colin Kaepernick reminds people of the quarterback who led his team to a Super Bowl game, and the next who completes one pass and shows that he's not much of a winter guy.

Bringing Kaepernick back seems totally reasonable for this team, but having somebody from the draft compete with him and Blaine Gabbert would bring out the best in all of the quarterbacks.

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