Serena Williams, the current World No. 2 on the women's tour, seems to enjoy having some fun with her outfits. It's hard to do at Wimbledon, where even players that prefer to dress flashy prefer to wear white, however Serena's Wimbledon 2016 attire is still among the nominations for the WTA's "Best Tennis Fashion Moment." Her attire from last season's Australian Open has taken some notice as well.

Serena has made "profound mark"

In the recent WTA article (December 3rd) Serena Williams is described as an individual that "has made a profound mark on tennis fashion with her daring outfits." At the Aussie she wore a vibrant yellow outfit that has gained her some attention in the fashion voting for 2016.

Her attire from Wimbledon is described as an "elegant half turtleneck, flirty tiered pleated skirt and classic sporty racerback." On the court, Serena made the final of the Aussie while winning Wimbledon outright, meaning she had plenty of opportunities to showcase her fashion tastes in Melbourne and the greater London area.

If you follow Serena Williams on social media then you know that she loves posting selfies when she's dressed up a little differently. About a month ago I wrote about her, claiming she looked "retro and dangerous" in attire from early November. At that point there wasn't really anything going on at the moment when it came to her tennis career. At this point tennis fans are still waiting for her return to tennis and it doesn't look like that will happen in the International Premier Tennis League.

Serena Williams withdraws from IPTL

Williams was a part of the marketing for the IPTL event, but it seems she won't contest the tournament after all. The match details have been removed from the website as of Monday morning and one source (Andy Schooler/SportingLife/December 5th) has stated that she "will not appear in this season's International Premier Tennis League after all." Barring further changes to her schedule, Serena Williams is expected to appear at WTA Auckland in the early new year.

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