The Seattle Seahawks have clinched their division, the NFC West, and nothing from this point onward can change the fact that they will play in the playoffs. In fact, Seattle are guaranteed to host a playoff game at this point. The matter at hand with Seattle is if they will host a Wild-Card game or one in the NFL's conference semifinals.

Seattle are champs in the NFC West

Seattle are 9-4-1 and cannot be caught by 2nd-placed NFC-West team Arizona. The Cardinals, following a disappointing campaign, are just 5-8-1 on the season. The best the Cards can hope for is 7-8-1 while Seattle can do no worse than 9-6-1.

If Seattle play on Wild Card Weekend then they would host by virtue of their divisional championship, which would see them seeded 3rd or 4th and facing either a 6th or 5th-seeded team.

However, Seattle are currently the 2nd seed in the NFC. On that matter they can do no better than 2nd, as Dallas, at 12-2, cannot be caught. The tie that the Seahawks have in their record looms large at this point. If it was a loss then they would be in tiebreaker scenarios with the Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions, two teams that are 9-5.

Seattle have a weak schedule remaining

In order to guarantee the 2nd seed in the NFC and avoidance of Wild Card Weekend action, Seattle need two wins at this point. On December 24th they host Arizona and then in Week 17 they play at San Francisco.

If you assessed that strength of schedule then you would project Seattle to finish 11-4-1. Arizona have just one road win on their entire season while the 49ers have just one win on their whole campaign. The Seahawks' outlook does in fact look strong.

However, if Seattle finish the season with 10 wins then Detroit and/or Atlanta can pass the Seahawks if either/both get to 11 wins.

Tiebreaker scenarios between Seattle and either Detroit or Atlanta aren't worth getting deeply into in my view. The reason for that is that Detroit or Atlanta would have to add a tie to their records and the sister-kisser is still pretty rare in the NFL.

At this point, Seattle fans, besides cheering for their team, are cheering against Atlanta and Detroit.

Those teams picking up losses would make it harder for Seattle to lose their grip on the 2nd seed. Tampa Bay and Green Bay losing don't hurt Seattle, either of those teams could win their divisions still and finish with more wins than Seattle. However, the real story with the Seahawks right now is simply their own weak schedule, one that bolsters their chances of avoiding Wild Card Weekend, and hosting in the conference semifinal round later in the playoffs.

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