The Seattle Seahawks might be sitting pretty in the sense that they have their division wrapped up. However, losing to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16 really threw a curve ball in Seattle's season-closing plans. The loss will not effect whether or not they make the playoffs, however their seeding might certainly take a hit.

Seattle play San Francisco at 4:25pm ET

Heading into the final week of action, Seattle will travel to San Francisco for what should be dunk to finish the regular season. The 49ers are 2-13 and anything short of a Seattle victory will be embarrassing for the Seahawks. Furthermore, San Francisco can't benefit from a win while Seattle could certainly use one.

The major development with the Arizona loss is that the Seahawks lost control of their own destiny when it came to securing the No. 2 seed. The game against Arizona was one they needed to avoid Wild Card Weekend and to host on the other side of it. Now, even if Seattle win next week, they have to hope that Atlanta loses. The two teams will play at the same time as the they are both a part of the 4:25pm ET group of games next Sunday. Atlanta will host the New Orleans Saints in their match-up, one that looks more challenging that what Seattle have to deal with.

Seattle, Atlanta in battle for 2 seed

If 9-5-1 Seattle win in Week 17 they would improve to 10-5-1 on the season. In turn, if Atlanta lost they would fall to 10-6 on the season.

Both would finish behind the Dallas Cowboys in all events, however the No. 2 seed counts for a lot in comparison to the No. 3 seed. If both teams win then Atlanta gets the higher seed. If both teams lose then Seattle would get the No. 4 seed as the winner of the NFC North will be 10-6 (barring a tie game between Detroit/GB).

If you consulted betting odds right now you'd find that Atlanta were the NFC's third favorite behind the Seahawks. Bet365, for example, have the Falcons at 5 to 1 to win the conference while Seattle are 33 to 10. However, that's a little strange given that it's the Falcons that can secure the 2nd seed for certain with a win on Sunday.

That seed is no small matter as Atlanta can avoid Wild Card Weekend and possibly host Seattle in the divisional round. That's much better than Atlanta playing on Wild Card Weekend, hoping to win, and then having to maybe travel to the Pacific Northwest instead of staying home.

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