The champs of the NFC West have been determined: the Seattle Seahawks have won the division for the third time in the past four seasons. A Thursday night victory at home over the Los Angeles Rams, 24-3, was enough to take the division crown once more.

Game recap

To become the champs of the NFC West again, the Seattle Seahawks had to go through a weakened foe in the Rams, who fired their coach Jeff Fisher on Monday and are playing under interim coach John Fassel. It didn't help matters that quarterback Jared Goff was removed from the game with a possible concussion, and Todd Gurley struggled on the ground once again, this time only recording 38 yards.

The Seahawks only led their NFC West counterpart 10-3 at the half, playing at a similar level that led to a blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers last week. But after notching the score up to 17-3, quarterback Russell Wilson showed why the team should be the champs by finding Tyler Lockett on a 57-yard bomb to reach the final score and blow the game open. Wilson went 19 of 26 for 229 yards and three touchdowns, plus an interception. Defensive end Michael Bennett and punter Jon Ryan both suffered possible concussions in a game where the most mind-numbing thing may have been the bright green jerseys Seattle was rocking.

Future outlook

By taking claim to the title of champs of the NFC West, the Seahawks snapped a three-game losing streak to the Rams and ensured at least one home game in the playoffs.

They're also a half game behind the Detroit Lions for a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

Still, the champs and their fans shouldn't take too much solace in clinching the NFC West. The Seahawks have been successful this season, but they've also been wildly inconsistent. Wilson has thrown more careless interceptions than ever and the running game has struggled to get started with injuries.

The offense sometimes fails to show up altogether (they've scored three, five, and six points in separate games this season) and they're without their most important player in safety Earl Thomas. Tough sledding is ahead.

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