Just a few minutes ago, the evening ceremony for the official UFC 207 weigh-ins, took place in Las Vegas, and of course, the former Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, took the stage with her opponent, the current champ: Amanda Nunes. Before it was all said and done, though, Ronda ,once again, gave the press nothing but a swift look at her, making her weight and storming off, just like at the morning weigh-ins. The only difference was she was forced to do the traditional fighting pose with Nunes before she could storm off the evening session.

Nunes got booed, but she didn't care

Afterwards, Amanda stayed there to give some type of an interview to host, Joe Rogan. She basically told Joe the same stuff she's been saying, which is that she's going to prove to everyone that she is the real champion. Also, it seemed like most of the crowd that was on hand, was backing Rousey as Amanda was greeted with a lot of booing when she spoke. Whatever the case, none of that's going to matter once they step into the octagon tomorrow night. It should be interesting, especially considering how quiet Rousey has been. We don't know if she's improved on any weaknesses in her game or what.

Cruz and Cody almost got into it

The co-main eventers, current Bantamn weight champ: Dominick Cruz and challenger: Cody Garbrandt also put on quite a show at the evening weigh-ins as Cruz made sure to taunt the hell out of Cody during their fight pose, which they never really got a chance to fully do, because they had to make sure to keep these guys some good distance apart or else 207 would've started right on that stage.

Heck, it almost did, anyways. If security wasn't there to step in between them, there would've been a mad squabble as these two definitely tried to storm each other. That footage is also in the video we've included, below.

You can see Ronda and Amanda's footage, start at the 22:58 mark. Dominick and Cody's footage began at the 17:25 mark.

The clip shows all the fighters that are going to be involved in the card if you want to just check out the whole thing. Currently, there's lots of talk that Ronda, avoiding the media could be a good thing, because it helps to keep her mind more focused on the fight itself and nothing else.

Will she come with something different?

On the other hand from a spectator point of view, we just don't have any idea what we can expect to see from her. For her sake, I hope she worked on improving any weaknesses that Holly Holm exploited. However, it's believed that since she still trains with Edmond Tarverdyan, it's highly unlikely, and that she'll just resort back to what she's always done. Whatever the case, I'm highly interested in finding out tomorrow night.

Here's what the pay-per-view schedule looks like

All the action will be taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in sin city, Las Vegas,Nevada. It's going to start out with the preliminary card rounds at 7:30pm eastern standard time. Then we'll get the main card rounds, starting at 9pm eastern standard time. The Rousey and Nunes fight will be the last event of the night. It's going to be a big evening, guys. Be sure to check out the video, below, and stay tuned.