The Indian Aces have not yet featured Roger Federer in any of their matches. The Swiss Maestro, who shares a nickname with a young upstart in the NHL, will join the team in India later this month. However, the Aces are still in good position in the IPTL as they currently sit in 2nd place after three matches from Japan.

Indian Aces have gone 2-1 without Federer

The Indian Aces have a record of 2-1 with 76 games won and 72 lost. That gives them a total of 7 points in the standings and they lose on tiebreakers to the UAE Royals. The Royals also have 7 points in the standings, but they beat the Aces directly and have a better ratio of games won and lost.

On Sunday, the Royals actually hammered the Aces pretty badly in a match that featured one of the more one-sided results thus far.

Martina Hingis called "superb" in IPTL

Thomas Johansson and Tomas Berdych were key for the Royals as they won their individual sets against Mark Philippoussis and Feliciano Lopez, each by a score 6-3. Martina Hingis also made a major contribution as she won her singles set 6-4 and then contributed to a doubles victory 6-4. She earned some plaudits for contributing double-duty winning efforts: the IPTL's home page called her efforts a "superb performance" that "led her team to the top of the table of the Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League 2016" (December 4th).

The IPTL is currently on break before it resumes on Tuesday in matches that will now be played in Singapore. The change of venue is significant in that it will bring Serena Williams into the mix. Williams has yet to debut in the event (however she is part of the Slammers' team). It will be interesting to see how she plays following her shoulder injury from the late WTA season.

Her Slammers are in third place at the moment following an upset win over the Japan Warriors on Sunday. After regular season matches are completed in both Singapore and India, the top two teams advance to the final. Williams, if she is healthy, could be exactly what gets the Slammers over the top as they prepare for a second batch of round-robin matches.

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